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Fashion & Poetry

An unlikely pairing to some, fashion and poetry are top of mind as New York Fashion Week has recently concluded. There’s not a lot of obvious poetic quality to such an occasion, and yet there is.

Bumble and bumble fashion week teams have just finished working their creative magic on over 50 shows and perhaps the anticipation of such a time has me thinking “outside of the box.”

During one of my brief stints in slumber one night last week, I dreamt of a NYFW show where Bumble stylists worked their magic on hair utilizing different word themes. A few examples:

  • Confessional poetry: looks with bold structures and endless, inflated mass.
  • Avant Garde poetry: looks with dual texture: smooth and sleek versus dry and textured.
  • Acrostic poetry: looks represented with one letter in their editorial savvy.

It’s not a partnership of easy proportions. In fact there are some characteristics of each that are in quiet opposition to one another, but there are similarities. And what if poetry was put in the hands of those who still think its about mushy love notes and rhyme patterns. What if, you could – in the name of art and creativity – create a whole new audience for poetry in a way that is “fashionable”?


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