London, 2016

I’m not a spontaneous person. “Strategic” is one of my top 5 leadership skills. But late this summer I decided to buck tradition and during a somewhat random online conversation with my dear friend from Dubai, Hananah Zaheer, we expressed some interest about doing things a little differently. About creating what we needed in this moment of time for our craft. A mere 48 hours later I had booked a flight to London, trusting that the all important details of lodging and what not would work themselves out along the way.

Here I am the week of departure, and I am thrilled at the reminder that sometimes going against your instinct and going without a plan allows room for the unexpected, the unknown and the marvelous to take shape. Noted.

This trip holds a lot of weight. It’s a fresh start in a lot of ways; it’s reward for three years of struggle, sacrifice and rebuilding; it’s a safe space to do the hard work and bring what’s been hiding to the page; it’s a time to reconnect with a fellow spirit who is navigating the same tough waters of a writer’s life; it’s creating something to fill a gap that was seen and doing it with someone I adore.

As much as I love travel, my body typically rejects it. I get “emotional” one week out (check); I usually get ill two days before departure; I will have a panic attack as the plane takes off after worrying for hours about a snafu in said plans. But, I know I’ve traversed much worse. And I know that any strict pattern can be redesigned.

In light of fresh starts and celebrations, I’ve decided to arm myself with the things that will course correct my “typical” experience. I have my healing stones set aside and cleared, I have set my intentions, I have surrounded myself with wise people who reinforce for me the greatness that is living one’s life and not witnessing it.

And with all that said, I’ve packed too many shoes and can’t stand to part with them. That will remain the same evidently.

Here’s to growing up even when you’re grown up.


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