The Easter Message: Straight from an 11-year Old

I was texting with a dear friend the other day who recently moved away, and we began talking about her recent move, my upcoming move, and this Easter’s message. A few years ago I wouldn’t have been aware of the messages the universe was sending me. I would’ve moved through the moments, too fearful to really embrace them.

Yesterday, as I was coming home from a day of errands I passed my neighbor’s two daughters whom I often pass as I’m walking inside from the parking lot.  One is 11 and one is five. As I walked by them, the five-year old said to her sister, “She’s so cute.” I chuckled at a five-year old saying a 38 year-old woman was “cute.” Her older sister said, “Yeah, she is. I like her.” I’ve never had much of a conversation with these two other than occasional smiles or “Hello’s” in passing.

A few moments later as I let the dogs out on the porch she was outside and came over to my fence, leaned on it and said, “You live alone, right?

“I do.

That is so cool. I mean you get to come and go as you please. You don’t have to answer to anyone. And you get to dress so cute. When I grow up I want to live alone with two little dogs too.”

What I wanted to say was, “Girlfriend, you have no idea the shit storm I had to go through to answer to no one.” Realizing that’s highly inappropriate to say to an 11-year old, I simply said, “You can do whatever you want when you’re older.”

I felt I had done my very small part in the way of liberating a young girl. Years ago I would have ignored this interaction, but now, I realize that the universe sends us moments and more importantly people to send us the messages we need to hear, to give validation of where we are and the path we’re going down. I didn’t necessarily feel I needed any validation in the choices and realities of the last few years, but I did appreciate the moment for what it was. I appreciated realizing that this Easter, my new beginning was being pointed out for me by an 11-year old. She was indeed a gift.

With my upcoming move, I find myself finalizing the purge of things from the past and rebuilding with new intentions, new visions, new furniture! I’m one who is normally resistant to the urge of buying home goods for the sake of buying home goods. My towels don’t need to match and I don’t need a gallery wall because Pinterest says it’s cool. When I was negotiating why I had this sudden urge to nest in my new home, I asked and my friend texted back and said, “It’s happiness that does that. It used to be too quiet, too still in your home to feel truly at home there. You’ve done the heart work and now you’re creating a space where you can live intentionally.”

I don’t know if she meant to type “heart” work or “hard” work but both are applicable here. The days of surviving and struggling, digging out and rebuilding are over. The moments of new beginnings, refreshing, reviving are here. I have a bottle of Champagne that’s collected dust for a year in the back of my kitchen cabinet. Friday, as the moving truck pulls away, and I sit in the middle of my new beginning, I plan on popping open that bottle and toasting to a fresh start.

It has been a transformational year that has brought me new friends, new visions, new energy, and I’m grateful for all the strong women in my life that have held me up, nurtured me, applauded me along the way. There’s power in a tribe.



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