Gratitude: readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Thanksgiving has always been a strange holiday for me. One that I emotionally plowed through merely to arrive quicker in front of the Christmas tree, the midst of green and red sprinkled cookies and gingerbread men, tinsel and the smell of pine. I don’t remember Thanksgiving being a very big deal by anyone around me. I remember “ringing the King” at various times for Thanksgiving dinner. It was essentially a holiday where we all reserve the right to overeat and oversleep but overall, not much going on there.

This year however, I have found myself in a constant state of gratitude. The universe has a strange way of presenting you with people right when you need them. Old friends suddenly email out of the blue because they have encountered an old letter or stumbled into a situation that brought a distant memory closer to the forefront of their mind. Neighbors unexpectedly show up to offer compassion. Friends open their doors (and sometimes rooms and definitely kitchens) and hearts to you. They call you every day and take your calls every hour. It’s as if everyone, all at once, decides to show up in a real and present way right when you need them. For these moments and the people that bring them to life, I’m most thankful.

I have been offered generosity, support and comfort. Better yet I have learned to receive it and admit that at this current time, I in fact need it.  It’s a complicated thing accepting help and it’s even messier to have to ask for it. It’s nice to be here: a state of readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. I have begun a listing of that which I’m thankful for and while it doesn’t begin to encompass it all, I feel a need to list it, out loud so those people know how truly grateful and touched I am at their love and support of me (in no particular order of course).

Nicole Wooten: for teaching me about energy and then letting me join you in teaching others about energy.

Christiaan Van Bremen: for standing up with arms raised high in a white, fluffy sweater and being one of my biggest cheerleaders.

Gabrielle Schillinger: for an escape and the ability to pretend.

Darryl Yosue: for answering my calls every hour of every day and for being one of my truest friends.

Elizabeth McGolerick: (lump in my throat) for being my best friend and for being … my person.

Katy Hannah: for loving me regardless of anything and everything and never wanting to know the details; for loving me since the day I was born, literally.

James Ruiz: for being an all-around amazing soul that feeds the people around you.

Jan and Steve Addington: Duh, for everything.

Denise Duhamel: for her book “Blowout.” (This list could go on for pages, so I’ll stop here)

Todd and Heather Addington: for delivering some light during a dark time. So excited for you.

Lisa Jusino: for home. (let’s sit with that for a minute…home..thank you, you deserve a parade.)

Laura Portalupi: for the right email at the right time containing the right poem.

Stanley Plumly: for mentorship and friendship.

Kate Harrison: for being the world’s best spirit leader.

Jesse and Gary: for the salad; that salad meant everything.

Anne and Tom Welsh:  for the endless hugs and boxes and the ability to make me not feel so far away from home.

Michelle Whittaker: for being an awesome roommate that turned in to an awesome friend.

Del and John: for dinners, for hugs, for checking in and opening your home.

Shelley Puhak: for buying the drinks and continued friendship.

Corey Curran: for making me feel pretty even when I don’t.

Toni Price: for prayers and book recommendations.


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and hearty Thanksgiving. Sending love to you all.


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